What is KidzVuz?

KidzVuz is a totally safe video review sharing site for kids age 7-12.  It’s the ONLY online destination exclusively dedicated to letting tweens have their say and share their views about the stuff they love.

Being on KidzVuz is like hanging out with a bunch of friends who like to talk about the same things you do. Which games are best, what shows to watch, when you should spend your own money…and when you are completely obsessed with something (or someone!)

KidzVuz is a safe place where you’ll never be required to leave any personal information.  It’s a site for kids who want to share their opinions and hear what other tweens have to say – without grown-ups telling them what they’re supposed to think.

When you join KidzVuz, you become part of a community of tweens just like you: kids who want to be heard.

On KidzVuz, every time you leave a review, rate a product or review, or answer a survey, you’ll earn points towards cool badges for your own reviews. The more you participate, the cooler the badge you’ll earn. You can also see where you stand against other members on our leaderboard.  Who’ll get the most points?

Invite people you like to be your friend on KidzVuz, and find out when they make a new video, or comment on yours.  It’ll all be in your hive — that’s your headquarters.

You’ve got opinions!  KidzVuz is here to let you have your say.

So come on and join the conversation.  Join Kidzvuz!