KidzVuz is more than your average video reviews site! Sign up today to start creating and uploading your own video reviews on everything from your favorite foods to the coolest toys and games. Once you have your hive, you will start earning points and badges for the videos you comment on, how frequently you visit the kids website and much more!

On KidzVuz, you earn points for every action you take around the site:

  • Making your own video reviews
  • Sharing reviews with friends by email or your parents can share on facebook and twitter
  • Watching other kids’ reviews
  • Leaving comments
  • Visiting Kidzvuz often

All of those points add up to earn you super cool BADGES!

You can check on your badges in the MY HIVE page under the STATS and BADGES tab.

You can also see your standing on the LEADERBOARD and your ACHIEVEMENTS SHOWCASE when you click your PROFILE BOX at the top of the screen.

Keep an eye out for surprise, rare badges that might pop up when you least expect them — so keep on buzzin’ at KidzVuz!


P.S.  You might also see a badge like this one.  This badge is for the kids who helped us out by testing out KidzVuz before it was all-the-way ready. They helped us “get the bugs out” for the rest of you.  In computer lingo, they are called beta testers, so they’ve earned the title of Beta Bee. This special badge isn’t one you can earn anymore – it’s our way of saying thanks to the kids who helped us out.