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Got questions?  We’ve got answers.  If you don’t find an answer to your question below, contact us at!

General Questions

What is KidzVuz Anyway?

Good question!  KidzVuz is a kid influencer network, designed to let kids have their say.  On KidzVuz, kids review toys, tech, books, travel, food, fashion…anything, really!  Our reviews are made by our Star Reviewers.  So how do you get to be one of those?  There’s lots of information about that here.

Is KidzVuz Safe?

Safety is super important to us on KidzVuz. KidzVuz follows COPPA – the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act, which is all of the rules about keeping kids safe on the internet.  You can learn more about COPPA and what it means to be safe online by clicking here:  We watch all of our videos before they’re posted to make sure no one says or does anything unsafe.  So whether you’re in the network, or just stopping by to watch our awesome kid-videos,  you can be sure that kids are safe on  You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

What happened to just being able to join?

KidzVuz used to allow any kid with verifiable parental consent join the network and submit a review.  But our new site is all about making sure that you only see the best reviews of the latest products.  So now, while anyone can watch our reviews, only selected KidzVuz Star Reviewers can make and upload them to our site.  You can learn about how kids get to be Star Reviewers here.


Membership Questions

How do I join?

First, we’re so glad you want to join KidzVuz. Next, it’s easy! Just click “Join the Network!” at the top of the home screen and follow the directions. All the info your parents need to apply for you to be a Star Reviewer is right there.  If you’re selected, we still need your parents to officially approve your account before you can join, so tell them to look for an email from KidzVuz so you can get started.

My parent didn’t get an email, now what?

Whether or not you’re accepted into the Star Reviewer Network, we will contact your parent to let them know.  If your parents don’t get an email from us within a few days, make sure they check their SPAM folder.  Sometimes email systems don’t recognize a brand new email address – even a super cool one like  If your parent still doesn’t get it then email us directly at and we will figure it out!

Do I need to be a member to leave a review?

Yup. Only Star Reviewers can leave reviews.  Plus, we need your parent’s approval before you do anything other than watch videos on the site.

I don’t like the picture next to my user name. Can I change it?

Yes! Now you can submit your own avatar.  Sign into your account and follow directions to learn how.


Why don’t I have any comments on my review?

For now, KidzVuz is not allowing comments on reviews.  We may change that one day, but for now, you can like a review – but no comments allowed!

I submitted My Review.  Why Don’t I see it?

We watch every review before it goes up. Sometimes, as much as we like them, we just can’t put them up.  Usually, it’s for one of these reasons:

  1. The video is too dark
    2. The audio is garbled, too quiet, or there is music or TV in the background
    3. You’ve said name or other personally identifiable information (like your school – or even your school logo on your shirt!)
    4. The video contains something inappropriate – either something you say or something you do.
    5. The video is too long.  Three minutes or less is best.
    6. There are people in the video who are not registered KidzVuz users and don’t have their parents’ permission to be on the site.

7. The sponsor of the video wants us to put it up on a certain date.


How do I get my video from my camera to my computer?

If you used a camera or phone, you have to get it from there to your computer. Every camera is different, but most of the time, you need to plug your camera into your computer using a USB cord, and the rest happens automatically.

If you used a phone, the simplest way to get it to your computer is to email it to yourself, and then download it from the email.

Either way, when the video downloads, you’ll be given a choice about where to save your video, make sure you’ll pick a name and place you’ll remember –  like the desktop –  so you’ll be able to find it later!

I want to share my review with friends, but I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

First of all, we’re glad to hear you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account – you’re not supposed to until you’re 13!! But if you want to share your video with your friends, you still can – you can email them, you can send them the link (that’s the long title that starts with “http:” in the white box at the very top of your screen), or you can ask your parents to log into their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and send it out to the people they know.

Questions About Contests

Does KidzVuz have contests and giveaways?  

We sure do! Be sure to come back often to KidzVuz to check on new contests and new opportunities to win!

Technical Stuff

I lost my internet connection! Now what?

Everybody loses their Internet connection now and then. Sorry to say, if you lose your connection while you are loading your video, you’ll have to start over. The good news is, most of the time you lose your connection, you can just reconnect, problem solved. But if it keeps happening, here are some things that might help:

It could be our fault! If KidzVuz is very busy – like, say, if a lot of kids decide to load their reviews all at once– it might make our site go kablooey for a moment. Don’t worry, we’ll get right back on track!

It might be your own connection. Try moving closer to the place where your wireless modem is connected to the wall, or into a place where you have more bars.  That could help, too.

I have More Questions.  Who do I ask?

The KidzVuz team is here to help.  If your question isn’t answered here, email us at