We know that you probably have some questions about using our kids site.  KidzVuz posts FAQ on this page to answer any of your common questions about joining KidzVuz, earning points and badges on our site, creating video reviews, using technology for kids and more! If you think of any questions, Contact Us!

Membership Questions

How do I join?

First, we’re so glad you want to join KidzVuz. Next, it’s easy! Just click “Sign Up!” at the top of the screen and follow the directions. We need your parents to approve your account before you can become a member, so tell them to look for an email from KidzVuz so you can get started.

My parent didn’t get the registration email, now what?

Make sure your parent checks their SPAM folder.  Sometimes email systems don’t recognize a brand new email address – even a super cool one like KidzVuz.com.  If your parent still doesn’t get it then email us directly at members@kidzvuz.com and we will figure it out!

Do I need to be a member to leave a comment or review?

Yup. We need your parent’s approval before you do anything other than watch videos on the site.

I don’t like the picture next to my user name. Can I change it?

Yes! Now you can create you own, totally awesome avatar (that’s what we call that little picture!)!  You can pick hair color and style, eye color, skin color, clothes, accessories — lots of stuff. Just log in, click on My Hive (that’s like your personal homepage), then click Profile and Build My Avatar.  Done.  You can come back and change it any time you like.

General Questions

What’s a Badge and how do I get one?

The more you participate on KidzVuz, the more badges you get. You can find out all about badges by clicking here.

What about that “purple face” badge that some people have?

Before KidzVuz officially launched, we had some kids help us out by testing the site. They got what we call Beta Badges for helping. They’re not available any more, but lots of other cool ones are!

Questions about Reviews

Help! I don’t know what to review!

What do you like? What games do you play? Do you have a favorite book or tv show? On KidzVuz, you can review just about anything kid-related. Click around and watch some other kids’ reviews, and maybe you’ll get some ideas.

I want to leave a review but I don’t know what to say!

A review is just your opinion about something, and we know you have lots of opinions, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Say your user name (NEVER your real name) and the name of what you’re reviewing
  • Keep it Short: Three Minutes or less (longer videos might not get published!)
  • Tell us what’s great about it.
  • Is there anything not so great?
  • Who would like it. Boys, girls, ages? What?
  • Would you spend your own money on it?

There are a few rules:

  • No bad language
  • No music or TV in the background
  • No big logos on your clothes
  • NEVER use your real name, or tell us where you live, or go to school.

That’s pretty much it. Just tell us what you think. For more instructions about making your review, click here.

Why don’t I have any comments on my review?

The best way to get comments on your own reviews is to leave them on other people’s!  Everyone likes to talk about the stuff they love.  So join the conversation!

I submitted My Review.  Why Don’t I see it?

We watch every review before it goes up. Sometimes, as much as we like them, we just can’t put them up.  Usually, it’s for one of these reasons:

1. The video is too dark
2. The audio is garbled, too quiet, or there is music or TV in the background
3. You’ve said your full name or given other personally identifiable information (like saying where you go to school – or even having your school logo on your shirt!)
4. The video contains something inappropriate - either something you say or something you do.
5. The video is too long.  Three minutes or less is best.
6. There are people in the video who are not registered KidzVuz users and don’t have their parents’ permission to be on the site.

How do I get my video from my camera to my computer?

If you used a camera or phone, you have to get it from there to your computer. Every camera is different, but most of the time, you need to plug your camera into your computer using a USB cord, and the rest happens automatically.

If you used a phone, the simplest way to get it to your computer is to email it to yourself, and then download it from the email.

Either way, when the video downloads, you’ll be given a choice about where to save your video, make sure you’ll pick a name and place you’ll remember –  like the desktop -  so you’ll be able to find it later!

How do I get my video onto KidzVuz?

Once you’ve decided what you’re reviewing, what you’re gonna say, and you’ve got that part done, you need to get it up on KidzVuz!

To start, you’ll need to answer some quick questions about what you’re reviewing and what you think of it.

Then you’ll be asked to upload your video. You can learn all about it right here.

I want to share my review with friends, but I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

First of all, we’re glad to hear your don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account – you’re not supposed to until you’re 13!! But if you want to share your video with your friends, you still can – you can email them, you can send them the link (that’s the long title that starts with “http:” in the white box at the very top of your screen), or you can ask your parents to log into their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and send it out to the people they know.

Questions About Contests

Does KidzVuz have contests and giveaways?  Yes!  We know our reviewers love the chance to win super cool stuff and we love to give them that chance!  Our contests are only open to kids ages 7-12 and that’s why you MUST be a registered KidzVuz user to enter.  By becoming a registered user we know you have your parent’s permission to participate –  if we don’t have your parent’s permission we can’t allow you to enter.

Be sure to come back often to KidzVuz to check on new contests and new opportunities to win!

Technical Stuff

The WebCam isn’t working! First make sure that you clicked “allow” when the webcam window launched.  That tells your computer that you’re ready to go.  If it still doesn’t work you may need to upload a new version of Adobe Flash.  To get the latest and greatest have your parent go to the Adobe website and download the newest version of Flash.  It will make all the sites you love run better!

I lost my internet connection! Now what?

Everybody loses their Internet connection now and then. Sorry to say, if you lose your connection while you are loading your video, you have to start over. The good news is, most of the time you lose your connection, you can just reconnect, problem solved. But if it keeps happening, here are some things that might help:

It could be our fault! If KidzVuz is very busy – like, say, if a lot of kids decide to load their reviews all at once– it might make our site go kablooey for a moment. Don’t worry, we’ll get right back on track!

It might be your own connection. If you have a wireless connection to the Internet, check to see that it says you have a “Very Good” or “Excellent” connection. Anything less than that, and you probably will lose your connection a lot. Try moving closer to the place where your wireless modem is connected to the wall.

It says my video isn’t the right format!

KidzVuz lets you download videos that have these “extensions” (which is just a fancy word for saying “letters on the end of a file.”)

• .MPEG4,

• .MOV

• .AVI


• .WMV

• .FLV

If your video has a different set of letters and numbers after its title, you may need to convert it, usually, it’s as easy as going back to your video and clicking “save as” and then choosing one of the extensions above.

Downloading my Video is taking forever!

We know, we know, you want to have your say and you want it now! We want that, too. But sometimes, it can take a while for your video to load.

Here are some tips to speed things up:

•  Use a non-HD camera or a web cam to record your video. HD (high definition) cameras take videos that end up being much bigger than regular cameras. Bigger video = longer load time!

•  Keep it short – If you keep your video under two minutes, it should be just about the right size to load without taking too long.

•   Make sure you are not running any other programs while you are loading your video. If you were on another website first, exit out of it and close the window.

•    Don’t try to load your review while you are downloading music or video from another site. Your computer is smart, but sometimes, it’s still hard for it to do two things at once!

• Save your file so it’s under 20 MB if possible. The smaller the file the faster the upload.

Most Important: Don’t click away while your video is loading, or it won’t make it onto the site! But since the downloading happens in it’s own window, you can still surf KidzVuz while you wait. It’ll still be open in the background.

I downloaded my video…where is it?

At KidzVuz, your safety is very important to us. That’s why we watch every single video and read every single comment before it goes up on the site. Sometimes, we’re right there, and your video will go up within minutes, but we’re still a small company, so sometimes, it might take a few hours.

The Site just isn’t working right!

Sometimes, the site just won’t load right, or just isn’t working the way you want it to. Lots of times, clearing your computer’s cache will fix lots of these problems. It sounds weird, but it’s easy to do.

First, figure out what web browser you are using. How? When you click on an icon to connect to the internet, the name of your browser should be on it! Once you know which web browser you’re using, follow the directions in the HELP tab of your browser to clear your cache.

Still have questions we didn’t answer? Contact us ! We love to hear from KidzVuz members!

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