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Getting Started

Welcome to KidzVuz!  We’re so glad you activated your child’s account!

KidzVuz is the ONLY place where kids can have their say. Because KidzVuz is the only site for video reviews made by tweens, for tweens. On KidzVuz, kids can leave video reviews about everything from their favorite TV show to their favorite star, from the hottest video game, to the book they can’t put down.

For Your Child: Where to begin?

You might want to start in your MY HIVE page!  You can choose your avatar under the PROFILE tab, see your badges and stats and more.

Then check out KIDZVUZ FILM ACADEMY!  You’ll get tips and tricks to make you a video pro.  Plus you’ll earn a super special director’s chair badge and be on your way to creating the best video reviews EVER!

KidzVuz is a place just for you so take your time and check out all of the cool features like:

Friending other kids

Watching reviews

Checking out the leaderboard

Earning points and badges

Joining clubs

and most of all – telling the world EXACTLY what you think!

Have some money to spend?  Come to KidzVuz  to check out what other kids have to say about what you’re thinking of buying before you buy it.

The more reviews, comments and ratings you leave, the more badges you earn, and the higher up the leaderboard you climb. You can even make friends on KidzVuz, and get a message when they post a new review, so you won’t miss it.  You can join fan clubs, and meet kids who like the same stuff you do.

Welcome to KidzVuz, where you can Have Your Say!