Can’t decide what to make your video about? Think of the best movies, books, TV shows and games that you’ve been talking about lately and read our list of simple ideas below to start making your reviews in no time!

Here are some ideas to help:

1. Seen any good movies lately?  Tell everybody all about them. What did you like about it?  Was it scary, funny, sad, totally awesome?

2. Do you have a favorite TV show? What is it?  Who else would like it?  What’s so great about it anyway?

3.  What’s your favorite video game and why? There are about a bazillion games out there.  Which one is your favorite?

4. The best team in the universe is… Are you a sports fan? Which sport?  What team?  What makes it the BEST team ever? (If you like an athlete or a non-team sport  – like tennis or skateboarding  – you could talk about that instead.)

5. Read any good books lately? Have you read a book that you just couldn’t put down?  Tell everyone all about it. What made it so great?  Good characters?  Great stories?  Is it realistic? Fantasy? Creepy, funny…what?

6. Do you have a collection you’d like to show us?  Let’s see it?

7.  We love How-To’s! Do you have a craft you can teach us?

8. Play Alongs are always popular.

9. Can you sing?  Dance? Act?  Show us your special talent!

10.  Be creative!  If you can make a video about it, chances are, we’d love to see it!

The main thing is, don’t worry about it!  Just have fun, and have your say!