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How to Become a Kidzvuz Content Creator

Want free stuff?

You might have noticed some reviews on the site say they were sponsored by someone.  That means those kids  got to test out (and keep) the  stuff they reviewed – in exchange for their product video.

Do you want to be one of those kids?

First, we’re so glad you want to join KidzVuz.

Next, it’s easy!

Grab your parents, then click “Join the Network!” at the top of the home screen and follow the directions. All the info your parents need to apply for you to be a KidzVuz Content Creator is right there.  One thing you’ll need for sure:  a video of you making a review.  You can review anything you want.  Just be yourself!

So what does it take to be selected?

We’ll evaluate all video submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Audio Quality: We need Clear, easy to hear audio with no music or TV in the background
  • Video Quality: Well lit, easy to see video, not shaky or blurry.
  • Length: Short, to the point reviews – one to two minutes is best, under three for sure!
  • Honest opinions (no scripts!)
  • Enthusiasm, energy, smiles!
  • Creativity, Star Quality, Poise and speaking ability.

Wanna see a sample of some of our favorite KidzVuz Videos?  Check this one out:

Before your parents submit a link to your video for your application watch it and ask yourself these questions: is it bright enough?  Can I hear myself?  Is the camera steady?  Would I want to watch this?  If the answer is yes to all those, click submit.  If not, make another video and try again!

Whether or not you’re accepted into the KidzVuz Creator Network, we will contact the parent to let them know.  If you parents don’t get an email from us within a few days, make sure they check their SPAM folder.  Sometimes email systems don’t recognize a brand new email address – even a super cool one like  If your parent still doesn’t get it then email us directly at and we will figure it out!

If you’re selected, we need your parents to officially approve your account before you can join, so tell them to look for an email from KidzVuz so you can get started.

One last thing:  KidzVuz Content Creators must be 8-14 years old, and live in the continental United States.  Safety is very important to us.  In keeping with federal COPPA regulations, Verifiable Parental Consent required.