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Notice Anything Different?

If you’ve been to KidzVuz before, you may have noticed that things have changed!  We’ve listened to what kids had to say about KidzVuz and added a bunch of cool new features to the site to make it even better for kids and parents.

So what’s new?  Here are the three biggies:

1. A Whole New Look (obvs) We know that our KidzVuz community is full of sophisticated kids. So we created a whole new logo and look that’s just as cool as you are.  We hope you like it!

2. Members Only  We know this is big change.  But now, KidzVuz is all about videos from our Star Reviewers.  KidzVuz Star Reviewers get free stuff in exchange for their product videos.  So how do you get to a Star Reviewer?  Grab your parents, and  click here to find out more.

3. No more comments At least for now.  You can click “like” to let someone know you liked their video…but for the time being, we aren’t allowing comments.  We think the videos speak for themselves, don’t you?

Of course what hasn’t changed is that KidzVuz is THE place for kids to Have Their Say and for parents to find out what real kids are thinking.  And we’re still safe, moderated, and 100% COPPA compliant:  no one is allowed to join the KidzVuz Network without verifiable parental consent.  To learn more about KidzVuz and your child’s safety, click here.  For more information on COPPA, click here.  And as always, check out our Privacy Policy before you or your child uses the site.

Have some thoughts on our changes?  Email us at  We’d love to know what you think.