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KidzVuz believes in safety above all. See, there’s this this thing called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), it’s there to be sure kids are safe when they are online. We follow all of the COPPA rules.

  • Your account must be approved by a parent or other grown up in your life before can leave a video on the site.
  •  Kids are only known by their username.
  • Every single video is approved by a member of the KidzVuz team before being posted to the site. That means no bad words, and nothing a kid shouldn’t see.
  • And parents, in keeping with COPPA guidelines, KidzVuz will never sell or share email addresses or identifying information  with any outside vendor without your prior approval.

You can help keep KidzVuz safe, by reminding your kids never to share their real names, school, or exact location in any review!

Plus, remind kids they need to follow these rules:

  • No bad language
  • No mean comments
  • No vulgar images or anything inappropriate for kids

Hey, you can’t have fun if you don’t feel safe!

How Do You Know We’re Really Safe?

Well, these guys gave us their seal of approval: is certified by the kidSAFE Seal is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program.  The kidSAFE® Seal Program is an independent certification service and seal program that reviews and certifies the safety practices of children-friendly websites and applications, including kid-targeted game sites, virtual worlds, social networks, PC and mobile apps, web-connected devices, and other similar online and interactive products.  Click on the seal or go to for more information.

Lastly, here’s a more detailed description of the kinds of videos we don’t accept — all in the name of keeping kids safe. It’s written to your kids, so make sure they see it!

  • You CANNOT NO WAY ABSOLUTELY DON’T include any personally identifiable information of any kind, including full names (just your first name is okay), your address, phone number, e-mail, the name of your school, your personal websites — basically, anything that tells anyone too much about who and where you are. Whether you say it, or its on your shirt. It’s a big old no-no!
  • Copyrighted material of any kind
  • Content that’s not in English
  • Full or partial nudity
  • Obscene and/or offensive material or language (that includes song lyrics)
  • Violent Content – real or pretend
  • Dangerous stunts – real or pretend
  • Negative stereotypes
  • URLs to other websites
  • Videos with technical problems – like no audio, or bad audio, or that are too dark
  • Encouragement of negative behavior or self harm
  • ANY content by or featuring an adult
KidzVuz reserves the right not to publish any video that does not meet these standards.
Help us keep KidzVuz a fun, SAFE online space for kids.  For more information, please read our Privacy Policy here.