Kindle for Kids: Star Review

• Kindle for Kids bundle comes with a Kindle e-reader and a fun cover in black, blue, green, pink or purple
• It even comes with accident protection- in case you drop it or spill on it!
• You can read on the Kindle inside or outside because there’s no glare on the screen, and the battery last for weeks!!
• Kindle has a touchscreen, so you can turn pages, or even look up a word by tapping on the screen with the cool Dictionary Lookup feature.
• Every time you look up a word, it’s added to your Kindle’s Vocabulary Builder on the Kindle, you can even use flashcards on Kindle to learn the definitions.
• There is also a feature called Word Wise. If you turn on Word Wise, you can see short definitions above some of the difficult words while you’re reading (so you don’t have to stop and pull out the dictionary).
• With Kindle FreeTime, you can read in a fun and safe environment. Kids are rewarded with achievement badges when you reach your reading goals and parents can see how much time you spent reading, the number of words looked up and books you’ve read.