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Welcome to KidzVuz!

Hi! If you’re seeing this, that means your parent has approved you account and you are now an official member of KidzVuz. (Do you hear us applauding? We are!)

So what does that mean?

If means you can leave your own video review, comment, invite friends to join too, follow people who are already on KidzVuz, join fan clubs, and start earning points and cool badges.

The first thing you probably want to do is choose your avatar. (That’s the little picture by your user name.) Just click on the My Hive button on the top of the homepage, and it’ll take you to your very own hive – your KidzVuz headquarters.  From your hive, click My Profile, and then Pick Your Avatar.


Now you probably want to get started making videos.  Click here and here for some tips. Need ideas?  Click here. Just remember the rules (or we won’t be able to put up your comment or video):

No bad language

No big logos on your clothes or music or tv in the background

Nothing inappropriate for kids

No videos longer than three minutes

That’s it!  We’re so glad you joined.  And we can’t wait for you to Have Your Say!